Shifting the Paradigm on Ageing

The rules regarding ageing are rapidly changing. A combination of modern medicine, new knowledge regarding diet and exercise and a sound economic standing, is shifting the mindset of many older people. This societal revolution is enabling older people to live longer and fuller lives. With the right interventions, we can stay healthier and feel better for longer. This is important as we could be living 25% of our lives in active retirement. This whole other adult lifetime is known as the 3rd act.

Jane Fonda, 78, has lived each of her acts to their full; as an actress; a fitness guru and an activist. In her inspiring TEDTalk, Jane sees ageing as a staircase: the upward ascension of the human spirit, bringing us into wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. For Jane Fonda, aging is not a pathology. It is potential.

Research is showing that those who have positive perceptions towards ageing, not only age better but live seven and half years longer. The entire concept of ageing is being redefined, which is causing a shift in the perceptions of ageing on a societal and individual level. It’s not that our lives are extending at the end, but rather expanding in the middle.

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